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    Why Do Dogs Make Nests?

    It's nice to see your dog poking at the sheets on a cold winter night. But sometimes dogs build nests that are actually signs of pregnancy or false pregnancy. Although it is normal for some dogs to cuddle under blankets or scratch a piece of land where they sleep, it can be bad to bury themselves in a closet or other more serious nesting behaviors.

    Why Do Dogs Make Nests?

    Several serious diseases can increase the risk of false pregnancy in your dog, which is a major cause of nesting behavior. If your dog is not sterilized, you may be pregnant. Sometimes your dog makes a nest just because it is the best way to sleep. Who can blame a dog for wanting to slide his bed in the sun or hide under blankets? But more serious nesting behavior, such as destroying blankets, digging in small spaces or grooming oneself too much, is often a sign of real or imagined pregnancy.

    Nests Are Comfortable

    This is the softest reason why your dog could nest. Whether you're looking at a cold Greyhound hidden in blankets or a warm Husky scratching off the cold ground, nest making is quite normal for many dogs. Some dogs are the usual nests, which organize blankets and bedding to your liking almost every day. Other dogs may participate in nesting behaviors when they are particularly uncomfortable.

    Your Dog Thinks She’s Pregnant

    A false pregnancy, known to veterinarians and scientists as pseudo-pres- sure, occurs when a dog's body thinks it is pregnant. Your dog may exhibit physical and behavioral signs of pregnancy, including weight gain, nesting, enlarged mammary glands, loss of appetite, vomiting, a collection of objects and even aggression. But it is still possible in sterilized dogs. In fact, false pregnancies usually occur within 6 to 8 weeks of the woman's last heat cycle, especially if she has encountered a male dog during her warm-up cycle without being pregnant.

    How to Solve Your Dog's Nest-Making Habit

    If your dog is a habitual nest maker who just likes to be comfortable, there's nothing to worry about. Buy cheap blankets especially for your puppy and do not be afraid of being grated or dragged. But if you notice a sudden change in the behavior of your dog's nest, it's time to go to the vet. Vet visits are important if your dog has a true or false pregnancy, since both may require medical intervention.
    You can help your vet make a diagnosis by filming your dog's new behaviors. Take note of your dog's body postures, eating habits and other relevant medical information so that he is ready to answer his veterinarian's questions as he enters.

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