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    all you have to know about your horse healthy food

    all you have to know about your horse healthy food

    Many of us feed our horses and ponies as a reward when we train or just because we love them. Treats that look like a horse's natural food are healthier, but a very small amount of almost all the food that the horses eat or the man can be safely eaten. There is a sure way to feed sweets. So make sure your horse is respectful and does not become nervous or aggressive. Many horse owners do not believe in eating sweets at all. It's your decision and you must take into account the respect and personality of your horse or pony.

    Safe horse treats include:

    ·        Apple
    ·        Sugar
    ·        Carrot
    ·        pitted

    If your horse is really biting or has other ways of playing, you may decide that the risk of giving treats to your horse is too high and that this may put your horse at risk. Horse bites hurt, and especially if small children eat a treat, fingers can bite, pockets can break and your horse can knock it down impatiently. Therefore, use your judgment, regardless of what you personally feel about diet, especially manual feeding.

    You will find that horses also have different tastes. Some may like cubes of mint or sugar and others prefer cubes of carrots or hay. If you often carry sweets in your pockets or if you feed on your hands, you can teach your horse a bad habit. He may decide that all pockets or fingers contain candy and pinch his clothes and fingers. A horse that is aggressive to get treats can be dangerous. It is easy to be bitten or a greedy horse to tear his clothes. The safest way to feed sweets is to place them in a bucket or feeder.


    Some candies may pose a choking hazard. Apples and carrots are the safest foods, cut into pieces. Just feed a very small amount of hard foods, like mints and hay buckets. A greedy horse can not completely chew the candy and screw it. Food can lodge in the throat of the horse, causing strangulation.

    In the book, Margaret Greely, author of "Arabian Exodus," describes the Bedouin custom of feeding horses with complete quotes. After his meal, the trough would be covered with pits. Although some date holes may not be a problem, it is best to remove the stone or stone from any fruit you eat if it is large enough to cause choking.

    Some things are not healthy for your treat

    ·        Tomatoes
    ·        Potatoes
    ·        Chocolate
    ·        Lawn

    Do not give treats to a strange horse. The horse may have a disease that prohibits certain types of food. Some owners do not believe in food at all. Discard food packages out of reach of your horse. A smelling peppermint bag could be ingested and cause a deadly blockage.

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