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    4 Reasons Your Cat Is Not Eating

    4 Reasons why Your Cat Is Not Eating

    Cats can be whimsical and it is not uncommon for them to suddenly decide that they do not want to eat a particular food or be pampered. But sometimes a cat stops eating for more serious reasons and should be aware of the possible causes and concerns of this anorexia. There may be things you can do at home to help, but sometimes a veterinary intervention is necessary.

    Where is the problem when your cat is Stops Eating?

    If a cat does not feel well, has eaten something that is stuck in his stomach or intestines, or simply does not like the food he offers, he can stop eating. Multiple diseases and problems that cause pain or discomfort can be attributed to the lack of appetite in your cat, but your cat that does not want to eat is simply a secondary symptom of these problems and not the main one. Whatever the reason, if your cat stops eating, this is a major concern.

    Health Issues for you cat That Causes your Cat to Stop Eating food

    Reason 1: Respiratory Diseases

    Breathing problems can affect your cat's sense of smell or ability to breathe and, as a result, prevent him from eating. Upper respiratory diseases can obstruct your cat's nose and eyes with the loss resulting in temporary loss or loss of vision and smell. Lower respiratory diseases can affect your cat's lungs, which makes breathing difficult. These respiratory problems can be resolved with simple antibiotics or as complicated as cancer.

    Reason 2: Digestive System Diseases

    Problems with the stomach, intestines, pancreas or other parts of the digestive system can cause the cat's diet to stop. Your cat may also vomit, have diarrhea or abdominal pain along with digestive problems, but a decrease in appetite will usually be one of the first signs of a digestive problem. Acid reflux, tumors, an imbalance of intestinal bacteria, parasites, irritable bowel diseases, and other problems can vary from simple to severe in cats.

    Reason 3: Foreign Bodies

    Some cats like to eat things they should not eat or develop hairballs and these elements can get stuck in the stomach or intestines of the cat. These objects that should not be inside a cat are called foreign bodies and if the foreign body is blocked, it is called obstruction. Obstruction does not allow food to enter the digestive tract and, therefore, a cat may vomit and is very likely to stop eating.

    Reason 4: Dental Disease

    Sick or painful teeth and gums can prevent a cat from eating. Cats can break teeth, develop resorbable lesions on their teeth and inflammation of their gums, get abscesses and other dental problems that cause pain in the mouth. Like people, a cat may not want to eat if it has pain in the mouth, but dental problems can be difficult to diagnose in a cat that has not been sedated or anesthetized.

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